Your story deserves to be told, and it deserves to be told well. We hand craft each of our weddings to tell your story that lasts the test of time. We believe wedding images should be timeless pieces of art. We leave no detail overlooked- whether it be a ring borrowed from your grandmother or a special relationship with your nephews. At Verneda Lemons, we are here to walk with you through this lovely and overwhelming chapter ensuring generations to come feel your joy when they look through the images we create as you embark on your journey as not two individuals, but as one. 

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"My husband was a career groomsman. he was a groomsmen in a wedding she shot and it was by far his best experience. We hired them for our wedding and it was magical- because they were there"
-Kirsten T

"Biscuit chocolate bonbon cupcake apple pie icing. Cupcake pie jelly muffin cake macaroon carrot cake ice cream cake. " -Camille S.


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We recommend each of our couples takes advantage of an engagement session with us not matter how much time remains before the wedding. Engagement sessions prepare you for our process, allow us to get to know and trust one another on a more vulnerable level and ultimately prepares us for the wedding day. Engagements are an important part of the journey, that should not be forgotten. 

Each wedding film is hand crafted to match the dreams of our couples. We understand that what works for one couple, doesn't effectively tell the story of another. We take our couples into consideration as we create an art piece that brings life to an heirloom that will bring warmth and joy for generations to come. 

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Just as each and every coupe has their own story, each and every wedding has it's own as well. Weddings are priced based on a variety of components. Each couple will receive a custom quote based upon their individual needs. 

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